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[mood| loved]
[music| Deadbolt - Thrice]

well today was a really awesome day :):) Colin woke me up at exactly 9:00, and we figured out what we were gonna do today. we decided that since mom was going to the mall, we would either go with her or I would just get her to leave me at Col's house. well we got to Colin's and couldn't decide, so mom said pick a hand & we picked the one where we went to the mall with her. and it was actually really fun. I don't really remember what we did. well we went to the Aliant place first cause Colin wanted to look at cellphones, but the people in there never took their eyes off us & it was making me nervous and angry so I made him leave. then we went to a few more stores but I don't really remember what. Mom applied for a job at Reitmans, and also got an application form for Suzy Sheir. I hope she gets the Suzy Sheir one though cause it would be nice to get some deals there haha. anywayy, then we went to Coles to see if there was any soccer magazines, and THERE WAS :D haha. I'm so excited about it. Colin bought a dirtbike magazine (haha yay) and we read them on the way home & got super excited about them haha. and I kept going LOOK, JOHN TERRY! and he kept showing me random dirtbikers haha. it was like we were kids again.. haha anywayy I also got my backback & I think pretty much all the school supplies I need, and we ate at MacDonalds. I saw the twins there & I was pretty excited even though I didn't talk to them. so anyway, on the way home I was like "you know what mom, we should just go straight home instead of going all the way to Westville to drop Colin off. that way you wouldn't be late dropping your cake off." and then she just laughed and Colin frowned & I said "awwe, hunn, don't frown :(" and she was like "alright, I give in." haha it was so exciting :) so Colin got to come over :)<3 we didn't do much at all, but that's okay cause we never do. haha we just enjoy each other's company. so anyway, we took him home arounnndd.. 9:30 I think, and we got ice cream as usual. I called him as soon as I got home and now we're on msn haha. I have my new soccer magazine on my lap, but I'm scared to open it cause I don't want to ruin the binding or get it dirty :| haha. I'm gonna treat it like a baby, I'm so protective of it. I'm gonna scan the pictures, but I'll post them in a different entry. until then ♥