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14 August 2006 @ 08:50 pm
[mood| blah]
[music| Bring It On Home - Little Big Town]

well, I'm super tired, so this probably won't be a very long entry. yesterday I went to Colin's house :) we watched a movie on his computer, but then it started thundering so we had to turn it off. so then we just layed on the computer room floor and held each other, haha. then when we got tired of the floor we went to the living room and watched tv in there. we went to Wendy's and him and his sister forced me to eat again, haha. umm other than that I don't think we did much. when I got to Rebecca's I waited for Molly and she came in about 20 minutes. we went to Needs and bought a bunch of junk food, and we ate and watched tv when we got to her house. today I slept til like 2:30, haha, and we just watched tv, went on the computer, baked some nanaimo bars and drew pictures. so I had a pretty good few days :) but I'm too lazy to talk about much else, so I'll leave it at that.