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[mood| sleepy]
[music| Impatiene - Crowned Kings]

well, I'm tired, and bored, and usually when that happens people just go to bed, but I'm different. so when I'm tired & bored I write in my journal. haha cool huh? anyway, today was no more exciting than yesterday, cause I still didn't feel good. so I watched Harry Potter, haha yayy, annnd.. talked to Col on the phone, and mom got me SCHOOL SUPPLIES! :) haha which was exciting, even though I really don't want to go back to school :) but I got really nice pens, & I'm addicted to pens, so I was happy. oh and she got me socks too, which was just as exciting I guess. me and Molly also decided that we are hanging out tomorrow, which I am very excited for :) plus I'm also hanging out with Colin, so it'll be the ultimate day. haha wow, Molly just showed me a picture of one of our friends. go here:
verry nice haircut. I don't understand why it's longer on one side though? poor thing. haha I know that was cruel, but I had to do it. anywayy, I've had enough of updating :) I probably won't update tomorrow, unless I do before I go to Col's. but it probably won't be till Monday night. lots of love until then :) haha