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09 August 2006 @ 02:48 pm
so, i was just flipping through my friends pages on lj and everyone seems to have updated haha. so i thought maybe i would to. yesterday was a good day :) i got up around 9:30 and called colin to see if he was working. i figured he wouldn't be cause it poured rain and he was roofing a garage so it would've been dangerous to work. anyhow, we met him at sobeys and went to tim hortons and him and mom talked about motorcycles and i pretended to care, haha. he crashed his pocketbike, and i was pretty happy about it, haha. i hate that little thing. it's so stupid looking. so anyway then we went to the pet store cause i'm obsessed with animals and we saw the cutest little hedgehog and i now want to have one as a pet :) they're soo adorable. soo then we went to sobeys and me and colin got hungry so we walked to kfc and ate :) we didn't do much at my house. mostly snuggled. we tried to play catch with ty but he's not a very smart dog and his hips are getting bad :( so he can't run as good. i've beem trying for about 24 hours to find this stupid song that i keep hearing on the radio, but they never frigging tell me what it's called haha. it's like "we'll be going strong, woohoohoo. we'll set the night on fire, until the break of dawn. giddyup, get ready, let's get it on" if you know it PLEASE tell me! haha god. anywayy, it's pretty nice out so i shouldn't be wasting my day in front of the computer. so i think i'll go for a run and then maybe lay out on the deck for awhile :) i might update later, but not likely