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04 August 2006 @ 01:32 am
[mood| accomplished]
[music| Let's Be Us Again - Lonestar]

I just made my own layout! :o I am amazed by my abilities. I can do anything in the world now, because I, Angela MacKenzie, have finally made my own layout. God I'm happy haha. and I give full credit to under_the_pink for making the header for me :) that was what inspired me. wow, it's not even that good, haha, but it's my first layout, and it's pretty good for being a first if you ask me. why isn't there an icon in the mood theme for proud? haha. I'll have to make one of those too ;) but enough of my bragging. I'll actually tell you about my day. so today was pretty good, but not as good as I thought it was going to be last night. see, last night I asked if Colin could come over today and she said yes, so we were both all excited and happy, but then this morning she decided that she would just let us hang out at the mall while she shopped for a few hours and then take him back home :( so it was pretty sad, but at least we got to see each other. we mostly walked around, since I hate shopping with boys. I don't really know what we did specifically, but it was still fun. we were talking to his friend for awhile, and there was a guy with him that I knew I had seen before, but I couldn't remember when. so then when we left Colin was like "that must've been awkward for you." and I was like "why?" and he was like "that was Andrew Scott, you went out with him, didn't you?" and I was like ohhh God, my life is over haha. he probably thought I was some idiot because I kept looking at him funny. but oh well, I think he's an idiot too. and an asshole :) haha. but the point is, if I had known it was him I would've walked away so fast, haha. anyhow, the rest of the day was too hot to do anything, so I read, talked on the phone, came on the computer annd.. that's about it. so it was a pretty decent day :) tomorrow I plan on working out a lot, and the Saturday is the big trip to Cape Breton :D I'm so excited. I love weddings, especially when your boyfriend comes so you actually have someone to dance with at the wedding dance, haha. so if I don't update tomorrow, I'll definitely be updating Sunday to tell you about Cape Breton :)
night! <3