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02 August 2006 @ 02:35 am
[mood| Happy]
[music| Believe Me - Fort Minor]

Now a WORLD CUP mood theme?! I'm on a roll! :)
02 August 2006 @ 02:57 pm
[mood| thirsty]
[music| Unusually Unusual - Lonestar]

so today's a good day :) it's really nice and hot outside, so I pretty much just swam and layed around in the sun so far today. Colin's at work, so I have awhile to wait before I can talk to him :( I have someone making me a layout of either Chelsea FC or Lamps and JT, and I'm soo exciiitedd :) haha. I've seen all their layouts and they're all really good, so I know I'll love it. I tried last night to make my own layout, but it did not work at all, haha. so I gave up trying to be creative and asked someone else to do it :P I know this isn't very long, but I didn't have much to say so I guess I'll leave it at that :P
I'll update later if anything happens, or tomorrow if nothing does :)