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01 August 2006 @ 12:04 am
so i just spend a really long time looking at footie icons, which is always one of my favorite passtimes :) haha. i found a lot of really good ones, and have yet to choose which ones i want to upload. i already decided that beckham would be my default icon, cause i am now in love with him. almost as much as frank lampard :o which is amazing, cause i've always loved franky, since the first time i ever watched him play. speaking of that, molly, we must do something tomorrow. but with that out of the way, i had a very good weekend full of colin <3. saturday i had to go to the pictou lodge to help mom set up a wedding cake, and since i was depressed all friday because i missed colin so much, she took me to his house afterwards. i don't think we did anything except watch like 100 movies. and he got his stupid little pocketbike saturday, so he ditched me a lot to drive it up and down his road haha. he looks like an idiot on it, and i hate it. so i mostly hung out with his parents and made fun of him. sunday i went to his house again and we had a reallly good day :) we went for a really long walk around westville and we were really happy and snuggly :) we watched 2 movies on his computer and didn't do much else. then i stayed at rebecca's and watched video on trial, which made me happier than i've ever been. well, probably not, but i was pretty darn happy. i had to stay at rebecca's a lot of the day today, which made me mad, cause i was really homesick for some reason. i just hate not being at home now. after supper i went for a huge walk around toney river. i went up past emily's and she came running out of the house and joined me. i didn't realise how long it took to walk around the block, so we were out for quite awhile. neither of us had socks on with our shoes, so we had huge, extremely painful blisters haha. so we took our shoes off and we walking around on the pavement barefoot, with a whole bunch of cars driving past us, in the pouring rain. i'm sure we looked really classy haha. so then when i got home i had a shower cause i was freezing, and then i called colin. he went to bed about an hour ago, so now i'm just looking for a footie mood theme or layout :) wish me luck, i'll try to update tomorrow! <3 night!
01 August 2006 @ 02:11 am
[mood| accomplished]
[music| Glass In The Trees - Dead Poetic]

SUCCESS!! I now have a David Beckham mood theme :) Now all I need is a new layout..