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30 August 2006 @ 08:32 pm


hey :)
unfortunately, I have nothing interesting to say, except this:
if anyone has any requests for my big footballer post, let me know.
so far I have:
- David Beckham
- Kaka
- Sheva
- Kaka & Sheva
- Fernando Torres

and am planning on doing:
- Frank Lampard
- John Terry
- Lamps & JT
- Michael Ballack
- Fabio
- Miroslav Klose

annnd just so this isn't a complete waste,

24 August 2006 @ 12:53 am
well first of all,
haha I know, "self-centered", but I was excited about it. he came over today after I went SHOPPPIIIING for school clothes, and helped mom pick out clothes for her new job. after we picked him up at his house we went to Sobeys Head Office to give my sister a present at work. thenn I think we went home. as soon as we got here Colin dug out his pocketbike (he brought it with him cause there's no cops to get him in trouble in Toney River, plus there's a lot of trails and dirt roads to bike on.) it broke a lot of times, but he had fun. we also went for a walk down the road to visit the horses, who I missed so much :( but I was so happy to see them! :) but there were also a lot of stinky, fly-covered cows that I hated and I stuck my tongue out at them a lot but that didn't make them go away, let alone make them any less stinky. oh, and my mom cut his hair! Colin's I mean. it looks so cuuuute! and we took 52 pictures of us and they're pretty cute, and I might post some later for those of you who care. (speaking of posting pictures, I am currently working on my huge footballers post, it'll be great, I promise. should probably be done tomorrow.
and now for some sad news :(

and some better news :)

more later tonight, must call Colin :)<33
22 August 2006 @ 10:49 pm
hey :) I was bored so I thought I'd update a bit. so today was pretty dull. I slept in really late cause I was up pretty much all night talking to Julie, so I had a pretty short day. I talked to Col a lot, ate, came on here, cleaned my room, watched tv, and maybe a few other un-important things, haha. Col's coming over tomorrow :) it's our three-month thing, which isn't long at all but we decided we have to be together on every anniversary haha. I'm meeting him at the mall & I'm also getting some new clothes for school :) plus I'm helping mom buy some clothes for her new job, cause she got hired at Suzy Sheir :) I'm so excited for her. and for me, cause that means I get a lot of clothes for a very low price. haha, yay :). today is the second last completely school-free week until we have to go back :( I'm not dreading it as much as I was before, cause I really miss my class & I'm getting kind of bored, but I still think it's gonna be a horrible, difficult year. I'm praying that me & Molly get the same schedule, because we signed up for all the same courses. so hopefully we'll be together, haha. *crosses fingers*. anyway, in football news..

Chelsea vs. Middlesbrough tomorrow I believe, wish I could watch it :( haha.
Middlesbrough boss Gareth Southgate:
"We do not go into games fearing teams. You have to pit yourself against the best and we know we have to be at our best to beat Chelsea. That's the same every week in the league. There are about 12 teams that have to be at their best to get wins."
f*cking right you'll have to be at your best; good luck beating Chelsea.
Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho:
"Khalid Boulahrouz is travelling to Middlesbrough and I hope he can help us to get the result we need. We have worked together only two days, which is nothing, but it is enough to see the character of the player and I am really pleased with that. He's coming to a team of champions and I hope at the end of the season we can say 'You are also a champion.'"

and TODAY, Liverpool tied Maccabi Haifa 1-1, and they now go through to Thursday's draw for the group stages.

YAY! :)

and that's about it. I probably should've put some of that under a cut, but I was too lazy, so sorry for the long post *hangs head* have a good night! :)

huge soccer post coming up.
I've been collecting pictures all night.
prepare to die from overload of hottness.
21 August 2006 @ 01:32 pm
felt like posting more pictures, so here they are :)

21 August 2006 @ 12:29 am
[mood| sleepy]
[music| Ever The Same - Rob Thomas]

hey :) I'm thinking this will probably be a pretty short post, but I thought I'd update anyway just for something to do. I went to Col's today :) for the first half of the time that I was there I was super tired & sick so I mostly just layed there & tried not to fall asleep, and he just layed there & hugged me haha. then I got better cause I found out I could go home instead of staying at my sister's, so then we watched Supercross & some of Dukes of Hazard. then we went to meet my dad at Tim Horton's at about 8:30 & I went home :) I ate as soon as I got here cause I didn't eat all day, and then I called Colin & I'm going to bed as soon as I post a lot pictures of

18 August 2006 @ 10:14 pm

And that's about all I have time for :) Enjoy! <3
[mood| loved]
[music| Deadbolt - Thrice]

well today was a really awesome day :):) Colin woke me up at exactly 9:00, and we figured out what we were gonna do today. we decided that since mom was going to the mall, we would either go with her or I would just get her to leave me at Col's house. well we got to Colin's and couldn't decide, so mom said pick a hand & we picked the one where we went to the mall with her. and it was actually really fun. I don't really remember what we did. well we went to the Aliant place first cause Colin wanted to look at cellphones, but the people in there never took their eyes off us & it was making me nervous and angry so I made him leave. then we went to a few more stores but I don't really remember what. Mom applied for a job at Reitmans, and also got an application form for Suzy Sheir. I hope she gets the Suzy Sheir one though cause it would be nice to get some deals there haha. anywayy, then we went to Coles to see if there was any soccer magazines, and THERE WAS :D haha. I'm so excited about it. Colin bought a dirtbike magazine (haha yay) and we read them on the way home & got super excited about them haha. and I kept going LOOK, JOHN TERRY! and he kept showing me random dirtbikers haha. it was like we were kids again.. haha anywayy I also got my backback & I think pretty much all the school supplies I need, and we ate at MacDonalds. I saw the twins there & I was pretty excited even though I didn't talk to them. so anyway, on the way home I was like "you know what mom, we should just go straight home instead of going all the way to Westville to drop Colin off. that way you wouldn't be late dropping your cake off." and then she just laughed and Colin frowned & I said "awwe, hunn, don't frown :(" and she was like "alright, I give in." haha it was so exciting :) so Colin got to come over :)<3 we didn't do much at all, but that's okay cause we never do. haha we just enjoy each other's company. so anyway, we took him home arounnndd.. 9:30 I think, and we got ice cream as usual. I called him as soon as I got home and now we're on msn haha. I have my new soccer magazine on my lap, but I'm scared to open it cause I don't want to ruin the binding or get it dirty :| haha. I'm gonna treat it like a baby, I'm so protective of it. I'm gonna scan the pictures, but I'll post them in a different entry. until then ♥
14 August 2006 @ 08:50 pm
[mood| blah]
[music| Bring It On Home - Little Big Town]

well, I'm super tired, so this probably won't be a very long entry. yesterday I went to Colin's house :) we watched a movie on his computer, but then it started thundering so we had to turn it off. so then we just layed on the computer room floor and held each other, haha. then when we got tired of the floor we went to the living room and watched tv in there. we went to Wendy's and him and his sister forced me to eat again, haha. umm other than that I don't think we did much. when I got to Rebecca's I waited for Molly and she came in about 20 minutes. we went to Needs and bought a bunch of junk food, and we ate and watched tv when we got to her house. today I slept til like 2:30, haha, and we just watched tv, went on the computer, baked some nanaimo bars and drew pictures. so I had a pretty good few days :) but I'm too lazy to talk about much else, so I'll leave it at that.