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[mood| sleepy]
[music| Impatiene - Crowned Kings]

well, I'm tired, and bored, and usually when that happens people just go to bed, but I'm different. so when I'm tired & bored I write in my journal. haha cool huh? anyway, today was no more exciting than yesterday, cause I still didn't feel good. so I watched Harry Potter, haha yayy, annnd.. talked to Col on the phone, and mom got me SCHOOL SUPPLIES! :) haha which was exciting, even though I really don't want to go back to school :) but I got really nice pens, & I'm addicted to pens, so I was happy. oh and she got me socks too, which was just as exciting I guess. me and Molly also decided that we are hanging out tomorrow, which I am very excited for :) plus I'm also hanging out with Colin, so it'll be the ultimate day. haha wow, Molly just showed me a picture of one of our friends. go here:
verry nice haircut. I don't understand why it's longer on one side though? poor thing. haha I know that was cruel, but I had to do it. anywayy, I've had enough of updating :) I probably won't update tomorrow, unless I do before I go to Col's. but it probably won't be till Monday night. lots of love until then :) haha
11 August 2006 @ 11:55 pm
[mood| amused]
[music| Football Is Coming Home - Three Lions '98]

haha thanks to 5upamofo, I am now addicted to this song, and I also downloaded about 20 other footie songs last night :P so anyway, here's my day: woke up, felt like shit, went downstairs and watched GREY'S ANATOMY ♥ with mom, told her I felt like shit and went back to bed :) haha and there I stayed the majority of the day. I watched the movie "A Beautiful Mind", which was disturbing, depressing and heartbreaking, but still really good. I will probably watch it again. I also read a lot of the day since I'm such a nerd this summer, haha, and played with Bun Bun :) he was sick this morning cause he didn't get any food or water for about a day, but once he ate and drank he was okay again :) my parents told me today that they're taking me to the zoo next weekend :D haha I'm so excited. I love the zoo. actually they're taking me to a wildlife park, but who cares, they both have animals, haha. I'm so excited to take Veterinary technology in college, haha. it's sad how nerdy I am. but I gaurantee once I go back to school I'll just be bad and slack again. hopefully not though, cause this year's a big year for me. but anway, this is boring, so congratulations to John Terry, the beautiful new captain of England :) I'm sure he'll fill Beckham's shoes no problem. he was an awesome captain for CFC, so I'm sure he'll be just as good for England. I would post a picture, but I'm too lazy, haha. so you'll have to do without. anywayy, that's about all I have to say, so I'll update tomorrow perhaps? and Molly, if you want, I could see if I could hang out with you for the day at least? let me know :) night! :)♥
10 August 2006 @ 11:51 pm
I'm in the mood for pictures :) so here they are.
09 August 2006 @ 02:48 pm
so, i was just flipping through my friends pages on lj and everyone seems to have updated haha. so i thought maybe i would to. yesterday was a good day :) i got up around 9:30 and called colin to see if he was working. i figured he wouldn't be cause it poured rain and he was roofing a garage so it would've been dangerous to work. anyhow, we met him at sobeys and went to tim hortons and him and mom talked about motorcycles and i pretended to care, haha. he crashed his pocketbike, and i was pretty happy about it, haha. i hate that little thing. it's so stupid looking. so anyway then we went to the pet store cause i'm obsessed with animals and we saw the cutest little hedgehog and i now want to have one as a pet :) they're soo adorable. soo then we went to sobeys and me and colin got hungry so we walked to kfc and ate :) we didn't do much at my house. mostly snuggled. we tried to play catch with ty but he's not a very smart dog and his hips are getting bad :( so he can't run as good. i've beem trying for about 24 hours to find this stupid song that i keep hearing on the radio, but they never frigging tell me what it's called haha. it's like "we'll be going strong, woohoohoo. we'll set the night on fire, until the break of dawn. giddyup, get ready, let's get it on" if you know it PLEASE tell me! haha god. anywayy, it's pretty nice out so i shouldn't be wasting my day in front of the computer. so i think i'll go for a run and then maybe lay out on the deck for awhile :) i might update later, but not likely
06 August 2006 @ 12:13 pm
[mood| hot]
[music| Not A Day Goes By - Lonestar]

first of all.. Cape Breton was AWESOME! :) I woke up around 10 I think and waited til Colin called me at 10:30. we talked til about 11 then I went to have a shower. me and mom spent about 20 minutes discussing what we should wear, and finally I decided to wear my nice beige pants and a nice shirt, and she wore pants and a shirt too. after we were all ready and had everything we needed, we left. (around 12:30 or something.. 15 minutes late.) so we went to Col's and picked him up, and then we had the long drive to Cape Breton. it was pretty fun :) me and Col mostly snuggled and sang, haha. we got the the wedding just before it started. we found a seat and I sat between mom and Colin and we waited for Melissa to come. I was so excited, cause I love weddings. Melissa was so much prettier than I remembered, and she looked sooo nice. her dress was amazing. I was so jealous of it, haha. plus the church was beautiful, so altogether it was just a really nice wedding. it was only half an hour, which was surprising since it was a Catholic wedding and those are usually really long. but it was very nice and I enjoyed it a lot. after the wedding we stood outside the church for a really long time while people chatted and took pictures. I introduced Colin to some of my family, but he doesn't like talking to strangers so I tried not to introduce him to people that would try to talk to him, haha. after awhile everyone left to some kind of reallllly fancy golf course. I forget what it was called, but it was beautiful. they all took wedding pictures for hours, and we didn't get to eat until an hour after they said we would. so we didn't eat til 7:30 and everyone was pretty pissed off about it, but once we got the food it was really good. I sat at a table with Colin, mom, dad, Uncle Reg, Aunt Mimi and Kirby. Kirby is the most chubby, food-obsessed, annoying child I've ever met, so me and Colin were laughing at her and making fun of her a lot. there were about a hundred speaches, and the MC was really funny (and cute), so it was a really good dinner. at about 10 or so the dance started, but we didn't stay for much of it. we watched the mother-son, father-daughter, and bride and groom dance, then we stayed until there was a slow song and mom danced with dad and I danced with Coly Poo :) then we hit the road. we got lost about a million times, but that was okay with me cause it just meant I got to be with Colin longer. we snuggled like crazy and kissed a few times, but mostly snuggled cause we were both super tired. we stopped at an Esso and got some food, and as soon as there was food in our bellies we fell right asleep on each other haha. when we got to Col's I was too tired to be sad, haha, but once I got home I missed him. but I had an amazing sleep anyway haha. today I'm just gonna lay in the sun and relax and love life :) I might update tonight, but not likely. have a good one :)♥
04 August 2006 @ 01:32 am
[mood| accomplished]
[music| Let's Be Us Again - Lonestar]

I just made my own layout! :o I am amazed by my abilities. I can do anything in the world now, because I, Angela MacKenzie, have finally made my own layout. God I'm happy haha. and I give full credit to under_the_pink for making the header for me :) that was what inspired me. wow, it's not even that good, haha, but it's my first layout, and it's pretty good for being a first if you ask me. why isn't there an icon in the mood theme for proud? haha. I'll have to make one of those too ;) but enough of my bragging. I'll actually tell you about my day. so today was pretty good, but not as good as I thought it was going to be last night. see, last night I asked if Colin could come over today and she said yes, so we were both all excited and happy, but then this morning she decided that she would just let us hang out at the mall while she shopped for a few hours and then take him back home :( so it was pretty sad, but at least we got to see each other. we mostly walked around, since I hate shopping with boys. I don't really know what we did specifically, but it was still fun. we were talking to his friend for awhile, and there was a guy with him that I knew I had seen before, but I couldn't remember when. so then when we left Colin was like "that must've been awkward for you." and I was like "why?" and he was like "that was Andrew Scott, you went out with him, didn't you?" and I was like ohhh God, my life is over haha. he probably thought I was some idiot because I kept looking at him funny. but oh well, I think he's an idiot too. and an asshole :) haha. but the point is, if I had known it was him I would've walked away so fast, haha. anyhow, the rest of the day was too hot to do anything, so I read, talked on the phone, came on the computer annd.. that's about it. so it was a pretty decent day :) tomorrow I plan on working out a lot, and the Saturday is the big trip to Cape Breton :D I'm so excited. I love weddings, especially when your boyfriend comes so you actually have someone to dance with at the wedding dance, haha. so if I don't update tomorrow, I'll definitely be updating Sunday to tell you about Cape Breton :)
night! <3
02 August 2006 @ 02:57 pm
[mood| thirsty]
[music| Unusually Unusual - Lonestar]

so today's a good day :) it's really nice and hot outside, so I pretty much just swam and layed around in the sun so far today. Colin's at work, so I have awhile to wait before I can talk to him :( I have someone making me a layout of either Chelsea FC or Lamps and JT, and I'm soo exciiitedd :) haha. I've seen all their layouts and they're all really good, so I know I'll love it. I tried last night to make my own layout, but it did not work at all, haha. so I gave up trying to be creative and asked someone else to do it :P I know this isn't very long, but I didn't have much to say so I guess I'll leave it at that :P
I'll update later if anything happens, or tomorrow if nothing does :)
02 August 2006 @ 02:35 am
[mood| Happy]
[music| Believe Me - Fort Minor]

Now a WORLD CUP mood theme?! I'm on a roll! :)
01 August 2006 @ 02:11 am
[mood| accomplished]
[music| Glass In The Trees - Dead Poetic]

SUCCESS!! I now have a David Beckham mood theme :) Now all I need is a new layout..
01 August 2006 @ 12:04 am
so i just spend a really long time looking at footie icons, which is always one of my favorite passtimes :) haha. i found a lot of really good ones, and have yet to choose which ones i want to upload. i already decided that beckham would be my default icon, cause i am now in love with him. almost as much as frank lampard :o which is amazing, cause i've always loved franky, since the first time i ever watched him play. speaking of that, molly, we must do something tomorrow. but with that out of the way, i had a very good weekend full of colin <3. saturday i had to go to the pictou lodge to help mom set up a wedding cake, and since i was depressed all friday because i missed colin so much, she took me to his house afterwards. i don't think we did anything except watch like 100 movies. and he got his stupid little pocketbike saturday, so he ditched me a lot to drive it up and down his road haha. he looks like an idiot on it, and i hate it. so i mostly hung out with his parents and made fun of him. sunday i went to his house again and we had a reallly good day :) we went for a really long walk around westville and we were really happy and snuggly :) we watched 2 movies on his computer and didn't do much else. then i stayed at rebecca's and watched video on trial, which made me happier than i've ever been. well, probably not, but i was pretty darn happy. i had to stay at rebecca's a lot of the day today, which made me mad, cause i was really homesick for some reason. i just hate not being at home now. after supper i went for a huge walk around toney river. i went up past emily's and she came running out of the house and joined me. i didn't realise how long it took to walk around the block, so we were out for quite awhile. neither of us had socks on with our shoes, so we had huge, extremely painful blisters haha. so we took our shoes off and we walking around on the pavement barefoot, with a whole bunch of cars driving past us, in the pouring rain. i'm sure we looked really classy haha. so then when i got home i had a shower cause i was freezing, and then i called colin. he went to bed about an hour ago, so now i'm just looking for a footie mood theme or layout :) wish me luck, i'll try to update tomorrow! <3 night!